The Almost Forgotten Roman Holiday

This is us in the elevator on our way up to our hotel room in Rome. We were in Rome for one week in September. Of the 700 photos I took this is the first shot I gave my eyes the time to study.Every couple knows it's hard to get "together" shots when you are traveling. Heck, even when you're not traveling. When you do get them, they're extra special even if they are not particularly flattering. This one is just fun to look at. It's such a classic moment for us. Me with my camera of course and my husband with his wallet open fishing for our room key. He's always a step ahead.

 Image © Dawn Mikulich - All Rights Reserved We picked out three other shots to enlarge + frame, but I don't think I'll have time to get to the rest until after the New Year.

 Image © Dawn Mikulich - All Rights Reserved