Displaying Professional Pictures

Yesterday, a client/friend and I were discussing framing and how daunting a task it can be. Hello Jennifer A! I have all kinds of resources on the topic, so it's time I share them. I'll add to this entry from time to time as I know I won't get everything down on the first try. Graphik Dimensions, Ltd., aka pictureframes.com is a great place to build high quality, yet economical, custom sized frames with or without mats. The selection of frame styles is immense, almost to the point of overwhelming. I highly recommend signing up for a few frame samples before buying so that you can get a good idea of how the frame will look on your wall and with your lighting.

Better Homes & Garden's website has two excellent articles on hanging groupings: Tips for Creating a Stairway Photo Gallery (be sure to look at the slideshow on the bottom) and How to Hang a Grouping

Martha Stewart's website has many useful links on framing. Try a search for either frame, picture or photo and you'll find many framing ideas. A few of my favorites: How to Hang a Picture and Arranging Pictures

And, at Pottery Barn you'll find really inspiring images of wall collections on their Inspring Wall Solutions page.