Photoshop Action: Color & Contrast Enhancer

Ok. This one is for photographers. I've amassed quite a collection of photoshop actions, but I tend to use the ones I've created myself the most. Why not share'm? There's nothing crazy impressive going here, just a simple color and contrast boost. photoshop action: color and contrast boost by DMP

This action creates two layers one to increase contrast (without affecting color) and the other that boosts overall image color. I often use it on my color images to add a bit of pop. The default setting with the opacity of both layers set to 50% adds a nice subtle contrast and color enhancement. In my humble opinion, that's really all a well exposed image needs. Looking for a little more pop? Simply increase the opacity of either layer.

Download the Action

If you like this action, please say it out loud by either leaving a comment or noting as such when you use it. This will help me decide if these "shares" are worthy of being shared!

Here are a few samples with the action applied, color set to 75% opacity (maybe a bit too much, but I wanted to show the effect). Mouseover to see the image straight out of camera.


This action was created using Adobe Photoshop CS3. I think it will work with most modern versions of Photoshop, but I'm not sure. Remember this action is complimentary and consequently I won't be providing any support for it. That means if you don't know how to install actions or use them, please don't email me for help. Try a google search instead. Google is your friend.