6 Month Wellness Check

6 Month Wellness CheckYou had to admire my blissful ignorance when I so enthusiastically said to bring your camera to your next doctor visit as if it was the easiest thing in the world to do.Today was Kendall's 6 month wellness check. It was quite different from her 4 month in that the exact second I put her down on the table she started to whimper. We are having our bit of separation anxiety these days! The whimper escalated to a cry, I soothed her, back to whimpering, crying, soothing. Repeat. Very different from her last visit. I nixed the documenting idea within a minute of walking into the doctor's office. A record for me, I think. We still tried. We had to at least try. I'm so happy we did. My heart melts into a pile of mush when I look at those two images of daddy and Kendall. I could look at them together like that all day. 6 Month Wellness Check 6 Month Wellness Check