A Hodge Podge of DMP Things

Waiting List » In the next two weeks, I'll begin booking June, July and August from the list. I'm putting together a few different types of session packages and I want to make these available before booking any more sessions. Options are good. If there's something you would like to see in a session fee + portrait products package, let me know. Things are still in the works. Casting Call » After I get through my waiting list, I'll be doing a small casting call for unique looking kids of all ages (curly hair, red hair, dark hair + blue eyes, etc.) to take part in a few complimentary conceptual sessions. These will be to test new locations and ideas I've been cooking up.

Reminder » To those reading along via an email subscription I've set up an options page where you can select what type of email you receive. If you are interested in one of the other options, simply unsubscribe from your current subscription (you can do so at the bottom of each email). Then, sign up for a new one. There are so many of you currently on the list I can't help but cringe each time I post a new entry. This is especially the case when I'm posting personal entries. I'm thinking who could possibly want to read this. Nonetheless I'm going to keep posting. It's a nice distraction from the everyday and it serves as good therapy.

The Usual » Since I haven't posted portrait session images in a few days... check out this adorable one year old. She is just as sweet in person as she looks here.