Photoshop Shortcut Helpers for Photographers

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are my favorite tools for the digital darkroom. I've been using Photoshop for over ten years but only in the last few years I have I started to make good use of keyboard shortcuts. There are so many to learn, but once you have them down keyboard shortcuts really do speed up workflow. Looking to speed up your post process workflow? Start by downloading these PDF files created by Trevor Morris. Each PDF File lists keyboard shortcuts available for a variety of Photoshop versions. I printed out a copy and laminated it. I leave it on my desktop in case I ever run across something I want to do in PS and I don't already know the shortcut.

The latest addition to my Photoshop keyboard shortcut learning arsenal is this keyboard skin from Photojojo. It arrived today and I already love it. Now when I don't remember a shortcut I simply look down on my keyboard and voilà there it is!


Like the site says it fits your keyboard like a glove. Literally! Even I didn't expect it to be such a perfect fit. Different versions are available for different keyboards. And, when you no longer want it on your keyboard just pull it off with no fuss.

I plan to keep mine on all the time since Photoshop is constantly open on my Mac. It took about a minute of use to get comfortable to the slightly different feel it gives the keyboard.