The Road to Eating Better, Part 1

My husband and I have committed to eating healthier for ourselves and for Kendall. Over the past month or so we have found some great companies/products. I want to share them with you in case you are sick of eating chemicals and too much sugar as much as we are.HAPPYBABY "HAPPYBABY was born when we saw the need for nutritious and convenient alternatives to highly processed baby food. We believe baby's first meals should taste and look delicious—and nourish baby's body." HappyBaby Brown Rice Cereal Kendall recently starting eating HAPPYBABY organic brown rice cereal. So far this is her favorite. We especially like it not only because it's organic, but it's also made with whole grains. Two thumbs up in our household. We also started Kendall on their frozen fruits and veggies as well. They are a little more difficult to make than simply twisting the top off a jar, but they smell like real food. We couldn't believe how bad Gerber's Organic Bananas smelled when we took off the lid. We found HAPPYBABY at our local Super Target. It's also available at Whole Foods and the cereal alone can be found at Babies R Us. Find HAPPYBABY products near you. Kashi "Making natural food that tastes great is our job. And we love it. When you eat great-tasting all-natural food you won't miss the highly refined sugars, artificial additives, or preservatives. Our food is your ally in wellness, so everything from breakfast to dinner will make you feel healthier and happier." Kashi Vanilla ShakeOf course, Kashi. I couldn't talk about eating better without talking about Kashi. They have a wide range of foods available. My favorite addition to my diet is their shakes. I use the vanilla shake mix in my mid-morning smoothie. That's one banana, 1c of strawberries, 1tbsp of flax seed, 1c of soy milk, 2 scoops of Kashi Vanilla Shake Mix. It's full of protein, so it makes a great after workout snack. They also have a chocolate shake mix which I think would make the perfect chocolate-banana smoothie. Magically delicious! Kashi also has a wide selection of cereals and crackers for breakfast and snacking. My husband started eating Honey Toasted Oats in lieu of Honey Nut Cheerios which has its share of sugar. Kashi is readily available. We've purchased ours at Trader Joes, Super Target and our local grocery stores (Jewel & Dominick's). Find Kashi near you. also has an online store. I ordered a case of the shake mix, because Trader Joe's is the only nearby place that had it and we don't have time to go there often enough. Annie's Homegrown "We at Annie's believe that there's something reassuring about knowing what's in your food and who it comes from. As nourishers, we see the world as one giant system, beautifully complex yet intricately interconnected, that grows organically with the care it is given." Annie's Homegrown Whole Wheat BunniesI tried Annie's Homegrown Whole Wheat Bunnies when I was looking for a tasty cracker to have with lunch. They reminded me of the original goldfish. Good. They also come in cheddar which means Kendall will be snacking on Wholesome Bunnies instead of Goldfish. Annie's Homegrown is another one that we've found pretty easily. Our Target and local supermarkets stock several of their products. Find Annie's Homegrown near you or shop online.

That's all for now, more to come.