Casual Fridays

chicago photographer There's not enough time for a recent session post. Instead you get an image of our pup Bernie taking a snooze and a few links to help push forward to the weekend!

First up, since we are in a doggie mood, enjoy some gorgeous dog photography from photographers Erin Vey in Seattle and Anna Kuperberg in San Francisco. Both have an incredible talent in capturing a dog's liveliness and personality.

I came across the next link via swissmiss, which is a great way to spend a Friday all by itself especially so if you love design and a bit of geekery. Blank is Like Blank is self described as "analogies to live by" and if you're not living by them your missing out on all the fun! Here's a little selection from the site:

"Apologies are like monsters:
They’re only real if you believe in them."

"Facebook is like a gossipy friend with no interesting information."

"Babies are like drunk men in bars:
They only crave what’s in their immediate vicinity."
—Justin Feinstein—

Finally saved from an issue of Real Simple, a few unique sites for summer travels:

  1. "The most memorable local eateries along the highways and back roads of America"

  2. "101 Car Travel Games & Road Trip Ideas for Kids"

  3. "Few would visit a country without some advanced information, yet our tender bits are exposed to uncharted territories with no help or assistance. At our most vulnerable, we are blind. Well, no more. "

Happy Friday!