Myra and the Thirteen Squares

The best part of the "shares" I've been doing recently is the inspiration from seeing what other photographers create with them. When Ann Arbor portrait photographer Myra Klarman gave my template a new spin by using two consecutive squares for one image I couldn't resist sharing it with you.

On her weblog, Relish, Myra posted this combination of images from a recent children's portrait session. I love how she captured this young lady's lively spirit. You can feel the fun!

I've always admired Myra's photography. She creates beautiful portraits of babies and children, but her amazing talent is best highlighted in her portraits of high school seniors. The connection she makes with her senior subjects is clearly visible through the vivid personalities that radiate from each timeless photograph. That's what I enjoy most about Myra's high school senior images. The "kids" look like real people. Real people that you want to get to know. Because of this, whenever I look at a new HS senior portrait from Myra I have to resist the urge to ask to see more.

f you are in and around Ann Arbor, Michigan don't miss the opportunity to have Myra Klarman Photography create a series of portraits for you. I was lucky enough to meet Myra and her equally brilliant and adorable family during their visit to Chicago last year. She was as lovely as you can imagine. Would you believe neither of us had a camera in tow? Ridiculous, I say!