Non-stop Fun!

Dawn Mikulich is at the height of its busy portrait season. Especially so since I tried to get every single client on the waiting list scheduled before the end of Fall. I am happy to say I did it. Maybe even over did it! Nonetheless, I wouldn't want my working days filled any other way. I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone over the next several weeks. December portrait session dates are now open to anyone who is interested! Get in touch.

In the meantime meet "N". I first photographed her when she was the grand old age of 3. She was quite playful back then and this year she's the most athletic child I photographed so far. Tree climbing was at the top of her list of favorite things to do. So — guess what the first stop on the DMP Children's Portrait Express was?


That's right the climbing trees! "N" climbed and climbed and climbed until she went a little too high and we had to encourage some other activities.



We tore that playground up!!! From the tire and the tunnels to the swings and the monkey bars "N" showed me how to play, really play, at the park. I'll have to send her a thank you card for helping get my exercise in for the day!



Oh and did I mention the fun?!?