This is Two

A week or two ago while she napped peacefully I was scheming a grand adventure to a local nature area for when she woke up. The weather was perfect. 70 degrees. Sunny. The kind of mid-October day that insists you get of the house and enjoy it or else. 20091021-161921-1435

My plans included a game of chase, gravel inspecting and most important to me a perfect portrait shoot in honor of her upcoming birthday. She woke up. We drove over. We chased, we inspected, we chased, we inspected. She made it clear my camera was boring her and that "the portrait shoot" I had envisioned wasn't going to happen.

Turns out it was nothing like what I imagined. It was even better, that is after I gave up on the notion of perfect and just had fun. Happy Birthday to the most charming person I have ever met!

20091021-160441-1384 20091021-155309-1344-2