A Website Update

When I started my photography business, I didn't have a kid or a house-in-progress. My business was everything. When I wasn't out shooting, I was crafting together a website. It was all good. Then, things changed.

Enter a child. Enter the move. 

My websites have always been simple in outward appearance, behind the scenes was another story. Complexity upon complexity. As it does, technology changed fast and my web coding knowledge became dangerous. I would try something new and my whole site would go down. All too often I'd stay up way into the night scrambling for a fix. 

Enter enlightenment.

I've been thinking about letting go of the management of my site for a long time now. With Squarespace's announcement of version 6 something clicked. I've been beta testing Squarespace 6 since February. What I've found is that this might be the only way I could hand over my site. It feels like sort of a half hand over. I can still move things around as I see fit, but the code and hosting is managed for me.

Now, when I have a problem or question a quick email to support before I lay my head down means by the time I wake up the solution will be in my inbox. When I get a spike in traffic, I don't have to worry about my site crashing. Squarespace has me covered. I can focus my creativity solely on photography. 

Yes. Yes, I can.

One of the problems with this change is that I haven't figured out how to keep the archives of my original site live. I don't want to get into the details of it other than to say "good enough" feels really, really good on. You should try it too! It is one size fits all.