Happy Labor Day!

For those not in the know, I've been sick with pneumonia and CMV virus for the past month. Sitting around and napping has became the norm. I  don't rest, but I rested. I don't nap, but I napped. It has been wonderful for waking me up to what my mind and body needs. 

Turns out, it's true! The best way to get out of a rut is to do nothing. I've been experimenting with new tricks and I'm ridiculously excited to dive into family portrait season later this week. Let's do this Autumn!


The Light Show

Last night as we were going to sleep we noticed the light show going on outside. It was 11pm. I was tired, but I wanted to try this moving picture thing again. It is hard to capture this kind of thing without setting up a tripod! I took over 200 pictures before calling it quits and settling for these four. Nothing spectacular, but it was a good experiment. Maybe it's time to start leaving the tripod out and ready for action. 


Decorating with Succulent Cuttings

I've found succulent propagation tends to be more successful when the cutting is allowed to dry out over a few days. Otherwise, the sampling is more likely to rot. This morning after trimming down my succulents, I decided to use the cuttings as bookshelf filler while I wait. I kind of adore this look. I wish I could keep them there permanently.

20130803-4154 copy.png
Burro's Tail Succulent

Burro's Tail Succulent

Things Haven't Gone Ugly


August Break Day 1 has come and gone. My girl has a cold which means I'm doing the run to her every time she sneezes thing to make certain things haven't gone ugly. I'll keep the other details to myself.

I snuck this photograph in first thing this morning right after I opened the curtains in our sunroom and noticed the pretty light. I mean, come on, how could I not grab a camera and create a few pictures of this delicate scene?


Beach Day

A client recently introduced me to Glencoe Beach. Their fantasticly fun family will be featured soon. In the meantime, here are a few iPhone snapshots from another day I went with my girl. We've been thinking about planning a Michigan beach trip, so I thought a little re-introduction to a closer beach was in order.  Of course in the midst of the hottest summer in history, we were there on a cool and a bit rainy day.  Still, it was pretty perfect.


Over the Weekend — "The Sssssnake Edition"

If I was in her 4 year old head, I imagine the highlight of our weekend came about an hour before bedtime on Sunday night and I'm fairly confident it is the only thing she would remember if asked what she did over the last few days.

On Father's Day, "The best day of the year!", her and her daddy caught a snake. She was beyond excited, beyond giddy. There are no words.



Earlier in the day we went to Cantigny Park.  But honestly, all this is plain boring after THE SNAKE!


The most exciting part of the weekend for me was going in to the city. Of course! After years of being members of the Lincoln Park Zoo we finally attended the Super Zoo Picnic. Inflatable obstacle courses, free carousel rides, healthy (!) food giveaways, animal interactions and best of all ... there was dancing. It was a blast. If you are a Chicagoan + kids you must attend next year. 


Cloud Obsessed


Looking out and up is my favorite way to get inspired. And maybe it's just cloud obsessed me, but the skies lately have been awesome. It seems every time we are out I'm telling her to take notice of the clouds. "Its like a painting."