A lovely way for Family Photographers to tell a Story

This one is for my fellow photoshop users. A template for creating a family storyboard/collage like this one: 


This makes a gorgeous 30X30" storyboard, but can be used in so many other ways. Keep it small and use it as a family photography book template or go extra large for jaw dropping photo display. The template is sized at 10X10" to keep the file size down. It can be easily upsized or downsized using the "Image Size" command within Photoshop.

The template uses clipping masks and there is no accompanying action (I find it easier and more customizable without one). There's a brief explanation on how to use clipping masks in the template but if you still don't get it try a google search.

Download Photoshop Template

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

Certainly not required, but I'd love it if you link to your final pieces in the comments. It would be fun to see how others showcase the families they photograph.