Children's Photographer Templates for Moo MiniCards

Moo! I love Moo MiniCards. I created these cards to send to out as a fun little thank yous or gifts. I'm feeling extra generous so I'm sharing the template for the name card and a few other cute minicard templates with you. Use them liberally, but cautiously. I've heard around that creating them can be a bit addictive.  


The templates use clipping masks and there is no accompanying action (I find it easier and more customizable without one). There's a brief explanation on how to use clipping masks in the template but if you still don't get it try a google search.

Download Moo Minicard Templates

A link back to, specifically this page, is appreciated and encouraged if you find this complimentary template useful. I'd love it if you show me what you do with these templates. Inspire me. Either email me or add a link to your image in the comments.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License